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Whatever your skintype, due to the highest quality of steel, and sharpened by German technology, our blades are skinfriendly. They are set at a precise height in order to reduce skin contact.

When buying the kit, four blades will be provided alongside a handle. When buying a refill, you will receive four new blades.

To remove the old blade:

Securely hold the handle in one hand, and hold the sides of the blade between the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Pull gently past the resistance and the blade will release out of the handle.

To install a new blade: 

Align the end of the razor with the new blade. Be sure the notch in the blade is the correct orientation. Push it gently onto the mount until it clicks. Once the blade is securely attached you're ready to shave!

This depends on the thickness of your hair and your skintype. We found in our tests that the maximum number of shaves with one blade before you definitely need to change is ten shaves. But is it pulling and tugging earlier? Time to change your blade!

Due to the 6-blade razor, you don’t need to put too much pressure on it for a good, close shave. The combination of our rubber guard bar on the lower end of the cartridge with some foaming shave gel. Gel reduces friction and ensures the razor moves effortlessly over your skin. When you’re done shaving, use some aftershave cream to keep your skin calm and hydrated. This also prevents skin irritation.
Our 6-blade razors are suitable if you get frequent ingrown hairs and bumps, or have skin conditions that may prevent you shaving with another razor. However, if you are normally unable to shave with a razor, we recommend consulting a dermatologist first.
Our blades cost ₹1100 per 4. If you have our blades on our Repeat Program (our subscription service), you always pay ₹950 per 4 blades.
Due to our Gothic arch blade grinding technology, our blades are of the best, sharpest quality possible and have longest life expectancy. Our one of a kind blade-making machine ensures that each blade it forms is the exact same quality as the next. And it does this at lightning speed.

Every razor is a women’s razor if it’s a woman using it.


With traditional men’s razors, there might be a bit of a learning curve as you adjust to the more aggressive cutting angle of the blade, and the position of the handle. But the closeness of shave, and savings would definitely make it worth moving over.


While we didn’t make our razor for women specifically, we did make it for shaving more than the face. The 6-blade razor and rubber guarding allow you to shave your body comfortably. 


At Xiphos we’ve thrown out the traditional ideas about shaving. Our razor is already designed to combine cutting power, and flexibility which makes it great for shaving anywhere. Making it equally good for men and women.

Shaving doesn’t have to begin and end with your face. You’ve got hair everywhere! If you can reach it, you can shave it.

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We ship to the whole of India, and for free!

If you're not completely satisfied with your products, you can always return them to us within 14 days – no questions asked. This also includes t-shirts and boxer shorts. Just contact us for further information.

Yes, after we've received your order back, we will reimburse the purchase price as soon as possible.

In this case, contact our customer service as soon as possible. Please note that once an order is processed, unfortunately we cannot change or cancel the order.

Xiphos Subscription program

Xiphos subscription is our flexible subscription service that periodically delivers Xiphos products to your doorstep. You choose when and how often.

Want to know more?

Yes, of course. Before adding a product to your shopping cart simply choose the option Without Xiphos Subscription.

You can stop your Xiphos Subscription any time you like. Go to your account, go to “Xiphos Subscription” and click on “Manage Subscription”. 

Follow the steps and That’s it!

Yes, you can. Via “Add One-Time Products” in your account, you can easily add any one-time Xiphos product to your upcoming Xiphos Subscription delivery. And without shipping cost!

You can always postpone or skip a delivery, change your frequency or change your products. You can even set your next delivery date yourself from within your account. You’re the boss.

You can find all the information in your account. Plus, we’ll notify you via email before your next delivery is coming.

About 5 days before you receive your delivery, the amount will be automatically debited from your account. Did you postpone or cancel your delivery? The payment will then adjust accordingly.


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